The management of adult snoring and OSA is a complicated and multifaceted area.
This is a very exciting and rapidly developing area. We are pleased to be able to offer these services to our private patients and treat a condition that has been so difficult to manage.

Dr Ryan works in close conjunction with Sleep physicians and Oral Surgeons to provide a comprehensive assessment and individualised management pathway for each patient. Unlike children where a single treatment is frequently curative many adult patients need multiple consultations, investigations and treatments. We will provide a clear path for patients through this process.

Sleep studies form an important part of assessment

These can be organised by referral or prior to ENT assessment through your GP.  Costs for uninsured patients can be prohibitive but our new Watch PAT service is low cost, of high quality and hastens the decision making process allowing you peace of mind and rapid management.

Surgical treatments for adults

It will usually be staged with two separate procedures. We first deal with clearing any nasal obstruction and secondly address the back of the throat and tongue base collapse using the latest coblation techniques. These are all performed in the safest hospital environment with appropriate airway care. Some procedures will need minor top-up treatments which are determined by follow-up sleep study readings and clinical symptoms.

External devices

Such as mandibular advancement splints and CPAP masks are very effective medical and surgical treatments.
They are commonly combined to obtain the best success for patients. At ENT Doctors we would be more than happy to discuss these surgical processes with you and determine if they are suitable for your individual situation.